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Lumineux Cream: One of the best skin care solutions that make your skin look beautiful, attractive and give excellent results in a short period of time is Lumineux cream, this compound gives an excellent and natural look, brightens the skin complexion and keep your skin healthy. It has been introduced by the best cosmetic industry. Anew care solution which is introduced just to resolve the skin problems and to make your skin look wrinkle free and soft is Lumineux Cream.

This Cream comes in a market as a combination of day and night cream. The day cream is to be applied in the morning and night cream just before going to bed. As the age of a person increases, the number of new cells began to decrease and the old cells start degenerating. This procedure is inhibited by this cream. The lumineux cream contains certain fruit species that stimulate the production of new cells and make your skin look younger even at an older age.

The composition of Lumineux Cream

This cream contains the natural and organic formula which is suitable for all skin type, it is one of those brilliant creams that produce no side effects on a skin surface, however, provide us with certain benefits like reduction in fine lines, wrinkles and ageing effects. The main ingredients of this natural cream are listed below:

  • Collagen Protein- This component helps to keep the skin secure and reduces the already existing wrinkles. It is essential for the synthesis of new cells stimulates in tightening of skin and nourishes the pores.
  • Amaranth oil- It is extracted from the seeds of amaranth, is rich in minerals and vitamins like A and C. This oil behaves as a detoxifying agent and aids in the cleanliness of skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- This acid is naturally produced in the skin layer (epidermis) and is responsible for adherence of cells together and with the membrane surface. It acts as concurrence (conjunction) with the collagen fibres, removes wrinkles, roughness and dryness of the skin.
  • Vitamins and Trace Elements- Vitamin C, D and vitamin B complex, along with trace elements and minerals are the major constituents of this cream. They prevent the damage to cells, resist the entry of foreign particles and bacteria into the skin. Moreover, acts as a detoxifying agent.
  • Jojoba Oil- It is the complex network of amino acids that aids in the synthesis of connective tissue. Connective tissues in the skin are responsible for adequate blood supply and for binding tissues together. The enhancement of connective tissue gives a glowing effect on skin and keep it hydrated.
  • Fruit Species Extract- To provide strength and energy to the cells and to increase the metabolic function, a rich antioxidant mixture made up of polysaccharides, amino acids, elements, GOJI BERRY is used. Goji berry gives energizing and stimulating effect to skin cells and increase the synthesis of collagen.
  • Grapes seed oil- A triple action detoxifying agent with properties of moisturizing, anti-wrinkle prevention and renewing is grapes seed oil. It stimulates the shrinkage of collagen fibres of the skin.
  • Kojic acid- This acid was derived from a fungus and was specially added to this cream for the purpose of acne treatment and other skin related diseases.
  • Apple stem Extract- during old age the new stem cells are not produced. The addition of this extract in lumineux cream aids the formation of new stem cells that will help your skin look brighter and fresh.
  • Alpine Stem Extracts- These are the extracts of the alpine stem. They are added to the cram for the prevention of UV radiations. Moreover, they keep your skin hydrated by balancing the opening and closing of pores.

How does Lumineux Cream work?

It is a powerful skin care product that helps your skin to fight against ageing. It has certain antioxidants that help the skin to stay safe from pollutants and dirt particles. The components of the cream keep the skin hydrated and keep then resistant to the ageing process. As you apply it on the skin surface, within no time it incorporates to the deep layers of skin (epidermis) and starts functioning there. It has no side effects. The results become visible after two to three days of its continuous application.

How to use?

  • Clean your face using your favourite cleaning agent on fresh water. The cream should not be applied to a dirty face as dirt particles will behave as a barrier between your skin and the area molecules.
  • Using a clean and dry towel, gently dry the skin surface. The face should be dried softly, excessive rubbing can cause skin rashes.
  • Take a suitable amount of cream in your hand that can cover you’re all face and neck area. Apply the cream softly on your skin and rub it gently for the absorption of it in the skin.
  • Give some time and allow the cream to completely absorb. Do not wash face after application.

Advantages of using Lumineux cream

  • The use of this cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, double tone and blackheads from the skin.
  • Damaged skin can be repaired by the use of Lumineux cream.
  • It makes your skin moist, soft and smooth.
  • Skin is kept hydrated as less water is evaporated from the surface. Moreover, it helps in the skin restoration.
  • The crumpled skin surface can be moisturized and nourished by using this natural organic product.
  • A supple skin is obtained using this skin as well as the dryness and roughness of skin is lost. A smooth and soft texture is obtained.
  • It has detoxifying agents that protect the skin from toxin substances like microorganisms and protect against the ultraviolet radiations which are damaging to the cells.
  • A beautiful, attractive and fine skin is obtained.

Additional Pros

Apart from the benefits discussed previously, this magical product has certain pros as well. They are:

  • It provides a shielding and cushioning effect to the skin.
  • The dryness and fine lines that appear on the skin at an older age are reduced.
  • A flush and flat skin can be obtained by using lumineux cream.
  • This natural compound is safe to use and have no allergic reactions.
  • It can keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

Is there any side effect?

This is a natural skin care product which doesn’t contain any chemicals or additives. It is free and safe to use for people of all ages. It has no side effects and gives positive results in all cases. If the individual is already allergic to certain ingredients that he/she must consult the physician before using. If a person is having a skin infection or skin disorder than it must be avoided.

How to buy?

This skincare product is only available online. It is not available in markets and departmental stores. For online purchase, the websites are available 24/7 which gives a detailed overview of the product. The customers are given free trials and guarantee. Money refund policy is also available for buyers. Proper feedback is taken from individuals who use it and keeping in mind their views the changings are made (if needed).

Customers Reviews

All the customers who have given their feedback regarding this compound are positive and are highly satisfied. There are no negative impacts of the product. This product is even recommended by the dermatologists and specialists due to its highly responsive effects on the skin. People have enlisted that all the ingredients described by the product are natural and effective. The results became visible after the continuous application of the cream. The creamy texture of the product made it easy to be carried during travel journey. The reasonable price and availability of the product made it easy for the customers to approach it.


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