Endovex is a Male Enhancement Formula For Bigger Erection. Is It Just a Hoax?

Knowing the cause of low testosterones and weakness is important thing for a person with low sexual potential. Low testosterones contribute to several health hazards which make a person inferior to others in stamina, energy, confidence and intimacy. Folks try to recover from it by taking healthy diets and regular exercises. These exercises and workout, no doubt, increase stamina, testo and burn body fats. But you can never achieve required results quickly in short span of time without the use of supplements. Those supplements give instant results every supplement has a threshold time in which it starts providing the results. These supplements can be full disaster, if ingredients in those are unsafe and fatal. Endovex claims to take care all of your worries safely and effectively.


Endovex is a pure natural testosterone increasing formula. That claims to increase your male size, boosting libido, increasing stamina and fat burning. It gives delivers results in couple of weeks and people are appreciating it. The formula is perfect for the men above 40s even for those who are unable to withstand against the intimacy of their partner. Unique in nature, safety, credibility and result delivering are the four characteristics of the formula.


  • It increases libido in your body which increases intimate potential.
  • It increases free testosterones as well as sex bound hormones in body.
  • It makes muscle solid and powerful with bones stronger than ever.
  • It increases mental focus.
  • Bigger erection and long lasting drive.
  • Repairs endocrine gland which start producing all necessary hormones.


Catuba is an herb that is native to Brazil which explicitly utilized for sexual performance. This herb has several benefits and is used for the medication of several diseases by natives. These problems or diseases are:

  • Sleeping disorder
  • High blood pressure
  • Mental illness
  • Focus problem
  • Fatigue
  • Skin problem

There are no studies available regarding the safety of Catuba as an herbal medicine.

Maca Root originates from Peru that’s why it is known as Peruvian herb. It is being used from centuries and its results related to energy, power, mental clarity are prevalent in medical industry. Its advantages are following:

  • Increases libido
  • Cures infertility
  • Treats menopause in women

Though humans are using it from 2000 years ago but scientists and medical researchers has conflicting opinions. Medical scientists who have already worked in FDA Laboratories said that claim of treating menopause is not true. In different researches treatment of menopause by maca was not proved.

Muira Puama is a plant used to treat sexual problems. Problems like joint pain, menstrual disorder, less appetite, erectile dysfunction and skin diseases. Its benefits are tested and well known to all who have used it in past.

Ginseng has been used for overall health and mental stress relief. It is of different types namely American ginseng, Korean ginseng, Chinese ginseng. Its side effects include sleep trouble, anxiety, mood swings and irregular heartbeats.

Tribulus Terresteris is a fruit enclosed in spines and its leaves are also used in medicines. It is used in multiple problems which are related to heart, angina and infertility. It should only be used with the recommendation of your personal doctor or someone expert. Some studies showed that it may collapse your lungs.

Side effects:

Product contains natural ingredients with a proven history of safety. It is easy to consume and safe to use product. This Formula has been recommended by a number of specialists. Endovex has been tested on different animals which showed no reactions on the subjects. Taking its ingredients individually might be a different case.

Some of its ingredients should not be taken individually without the consent of doctor. As some of its ingredients may cause trouble in breathing and interrupted heart beats.

Customer Review:

Peter claimed that by this product he has recovered from andropause. His testosterone levels were drastically low and even he was unable to feel any intimacy. He quoted as: “I had become weak as hell my muscles were like they have strength. My hairs were rough, weak and would fall often. Then I tried endovex and interestingly it changed my life completely. It is not like other products it provides you what you have been looking for.”

It has got positive reviews from all quarters ranging from athletes to patients. No one ever quoted its’ any side effect.

Is it a Fraud?

No, it is not a fraud or scam. There are no reports of scams made by the company. There is a nice helpline which almost solves all of your problems related to the product. So there should not be any hoax regarding this product.


You can enhance your male size and intimate capacity by using endovex. It has been evaluated in different laboratories and reports are encouraging. You can consume it for surpassing your testosterone levels as these are vital for boosting your lovemaking ability.

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